Geisha Evenings® in Kanazawa

It is customary for a teahouse to refuse entry, except to its regular customers and those whom they introduce. For this reason, it is very rare for ordinary visitors to ever have the opportunity to experience hospitality at a teahouse. 
We plan and manage events where we welcome international guests to come and casually enjoy the teahouse culture at Kaikaro. Since 2014, the events have been held during the spring and autumn and have now become established as a popular form of entertainment in Kanazawa.
We believe that the real value of a geisha performance can be demonstrated in the vermillion- or ultramarine-walled banquet room of the teahouse.
The events are held mainly on Mon., Wed., and Fri. during the designated periods in the spring and autumn.
We are preparing for a performance in the autumn of 2023.