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We have released Geisha Evenings private performance plan.  | 2020.6.11

The private performance enables you to choose a date and time whenever you want. Please check the detail and contact us through inquiry form. We will reply you within three business days. 

COVID-19: Cancellation of the 2020 Autumn season  | 2020.6.11

Geisha Evenings project office have been obliged to cancel all 2020 Autumn season (October and November) due to COVID-19 crisis. We look forward to welcoming you back to Geisha Evenings again soon.


Geisha Evenings® Private Performance

Sophisticated teahouse culture
A Private Performance enables you to fully appreciate the geishas’ elegant song and dance performance, accompanied by English commentary from Lady Baba. As well as the sophisticated geisha performance, Lady Baba’s way of explaining the unique teahouse culture of Kanazawa in her own words has become increasingly popular with visitors. Guests can try their hand at beating the taiko drum and play games with geishas, like at an authentic ozashiki party. Some of the comments we have received include: “It was the most enjoyable time in Japan” and “It feels as if we came to a dream world.”

Other Plans

Geisha Evenings®
Private Party

Geisha Evenings®
“Enyukai” dinner party

Geisha Evenings®
Visiting Performance

Geisha Evenings®  Private Party

Geisha Evenings®  “Enyukai” dinner party

Geisha Evenings®  Visiting Performance

Lady Baba awaits you

Architecture, gardens, culture, crafts, entertainment, lifestyle, and so on… An authentic Japanese style can still be seen in life today in Kanazawa. In this castle town that epitomizes Japan, the Higashi Chayagai District contains a row of traditional chaya (teahouse) buildings and is designated as a Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings in Japan. A traditional teahouse is an establishment where guests can socialize and have fun in a sophisticated way, entertained by geishas singing and dancing along with a taiko and shamisen. Kaikaro is one of the teahouses in the Higashi Chayagai District and provides entertainment for international guests by means of geisha performances and hospitality. Lady Baba, the landlady at Kaikaro, awaits you in this extraordinary space.

Published in JNTO's 100 experiences in japan.   More information >>>

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