How to purchase

Online Only

*Online booking for the day of the performance closes at 15:00.  
*Online booking for other days remains available after 15:00. 
1. Choose your preferred date
2. Choose a seat(1st-6th Row)
3. Complete payment online
4. Receive a confirmation mail


Check-In on The Day of The Performance

Hours: 15:00-17:50
Bring your “order number” or “QR Cord” for check-in at the ticket booth, to get an “admission ticket.”

At The Ticket Booth Only (in The Teahouse Bldg.)

*The ticket booth is open from 15:00 to 17:30.
If you find out about this event on the day of the performance without internet, simply come to the booth (15:00-17:30) in Higashi Chayagai to buy a ticket for your preferred seat!
• Premium seats: Recommended online purchase as these will sell out quickly.
• Standing Room: Provided when all the seats are booked.
Inquiry about “seat vacancy” by telephone (090-2832-5175) is acceptable, but not booking.