Geisha Evenings
in Kanazawa

English speech on Geisha culture



Tickets price and seating information might be changed on July 1st.

Ticket Price (Per person / adult)
* Tax included. Insurance not included.


9,000 yen

Limited to 8 seats

[First Row]
(Two meters from the stage): a tatami chair with a backrest and soft cushion
•Reserved Seat
•Priority Entry (17:00~)
Welcome Green Tea Service (17:00~17:50): served with a Japanese confection


6,500 yen

Limited to 36 seats (with 3 types of seat)

[2nd Row]:
tatami seats with backrest, limited to 13
[3rd Row]:
tatami seats with backrest and a thick cushion, limited to 13
[4th Row]:
stool seats, limited to 10
•First-Come-First-Served Basis
Pre-seating Ticket Available (optional extra) : ¥1,000(Priority Entry /17:00~)


5,500 yen

No Online Advance Ticket
*Sold the day of the performance only

Limited to 17 seats (with 2 types of seat)

[5th Row][ Image ]:
stool seats, limited to 9
[6th Row][ Image ]:
backrest chair seats, limited to 8
•First-Come-First-Served Basis


3,500 yen

No Online Advance Ticket
*Sold the day of the performance only

Limited to 15 people

•Standing Room (Tatami room)
•First-Come-First-Served Basis

For Children (5-15) : A 1,000-yen discount per seat is offered for all zones.
*Purchasers of advance online tickets are entitled to a 1,000-yen cash refund at the ticket booth. (You will be required to show your passport.)
*Please do not bring infants or young toddlers (under five years old)!

Seating Chart


There are two types of ticket: Advance and Regular Tickets

Advance Ticket: Sold only online
*Advance Tickets are only sold online in Premium S-seat and A-zone.
*Ticket can be purchased until 6:00 am on the day of the performance.
*Each seat in Premium S-seat is reserved seat.
*Pre-seating tickets are purchasable for A-zone at the ticket booth on the day of the performance (optional extra ¥1,000). Pre-seating tickets guarantee your seating request.

Regular Ticket: Sold only at the booth on the day of the performance
*Regular tickets are sold only on the day of the performance at the ticket booth from 10:00 to 17:15.
*[Premium S-seat/A-zone] Regular tickets are also available until it is sold out.
*[B-zone/Economy-zone] Tickets are sold only on the day of the performance at the ticket booth.
*Reservation by telephone is not accepted. Please come to the ticket booth and purchase tickets there.
*Inquiry about seat vacancy is available by telephone (090-2832-5175), or you can check the website.

Take photos of geisha!
Bring your camera to take photos during the performances!
* Video recording on a personal cell phone or camera is permitted. However, the use of any video for commercial purposes without prior permission may infringe copyright or portrait rights.