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Geisha Evenings in Kanazawa

2019 Spring Performance
At Traditional Teahouse Kaikaro

[ Dates ] March 25 - April 19 , 2019
________Monday to Friday
[ Time ] 18:00-19:30 (Doors open 17:30)
[ Place ] Teahouse KAIKARO “懐華樓”


New Year ENYUKAI [2019]: The Geisha Party, will be held on January 5 and 6. Book it via Experience Kanazawa !
*E-mail notification: We notice you 2019 Autumn season's detail as soon as we decide. Request from inquiry form please. This event is operated in Spring and Autumn only.

*Warning: If you are unable to understand this language, we are afraid that you will not be able to enjoy the event.

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This is not only just a show, but also an experience of the authentic, traditional way with great hospitality at Kanazawa’s largest teahouse.

English speech by the landlady on geisha and teahouse culture.

At this show, Kaikaro’s landlady, Lady Baba, will provide her opening remarks in English, introduce the geisha, and clarify certain aspects of geisha culture. After enjoying the geisha’s performance, roughly ten guests at a time will be selected to join in with the authentic style. Guests will partake in traditional party attractions next to one of the geisha on the stage, such as Taiko drumming and a game.

The Benefits of This Event

• Appreciate an evening performance in the geisha district
• Spend 90 minutes in an active traditional teahouse building
• Learn about the culture in English from the landlady
• Discover some of the secrets of geisha and the system
• Live music and performance in a genuine Kanazawa Geisha play

Photography by phone is allowed

Regular Price

[ ASSIGNED SEATING ] Fee: Per person / Tax included ( 60 seats available per day )
*Some discount may apply to online ticket purchase.

How to Purchase

Online Booking

At The Ticket Booth


[ Route for walk ]

• From JR Kanazawa station: 1.9km /24-min walk
• From Ohmicho Market: 1.0km /12-min walk
• From Kenrokuen Garden: 1.1km /14-min walk
• From Nagamachi Bukeyashiki: 2.3km /28-min walk
1-14-8, Higashiyama, Kanazawa, Ishikawa
Phone : 076-253-0591 [Japanese]

Enyukai: Geisha Party
Geisha performance with dinner.
More information >>>

Geisha Evenings in Kanazawa
2018 Autumn Performance
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Direct phone(Weekday: 10:00-17:00) : 090-2832-5175 [English/Japnese] / Phone(weekday: 9:00-17:00): 076-261-5175 [Japnese]
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