Geisha Evenings
in Kanazawa

English speech on Geisha culture


Advance tickets for 2017 Autumn performance available July 1st!

2017 Autumn Performance
At Traditional Teahouse Kaikaro

[ Dates ] Oct. 2 (Mon) - Nov. 17 (Fri), 2017
[________ Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
[ Time ] 18:00-19:00 (seating from 17:30 / building closed at 19:30)
[ Place ] Teahouse KAIKARO “懐華樓” ( Higashi Chayagai district )



It’s a great opportunity to appreciate
an authentic geisha performance in a traditional teahouse.

Kanazawa is one of the few cities where traditional geisha still exist. Due to their strict admittance policies, however, you most likely would not be able to attend one of their performances without some difficulty. In the Higashi Chayagai district, the establishment Kaikaro offers visitors the opportunity to appreciate a geisha performance inside their authentic teahouse built nearly 200 years ago. It’s open to all!

Largest geisha house in Kanazawa.
geishaeveningsDSC00800.psdKaikaro is the largest geisha house in Kanazawa which was built nearly 200 years ago. Many tourists from around the world visit its building to relish in the architectural techniques, the artistic interiors, and the Japanese atmosphere.

The owner’s English speech on geisha culture.
geishaeveningsDSC00552.psdAt this show, Kaikaro’s landlady or Okami-san provides you with opening remarks, introducing geisha, and clarifying certain aspects of geisha culture, all in English.

← An English speech on geisha culture by the landlady

Fun games with geisha

Roughly ten guests at a time are selected to experience traditional Japanese party games known as Ozashiki-asobi, including taiko drumming and various games.

Take photos of geisha!
Bring your camera to take photos during the performances!
* Video recording on a personal cell phone or camera is permitted. However, the use of any video for commercial purposes without prior permission may infringe copyright or portrait rights.

The previous season (2016 April) is broadcasted on YouTube, Cozy Japan.

*In case you request to interview our events, please contact us in advance.
We are afraid but it is impossible to accept any commercial recording or interview without notice.


• From JR Kanazawa station: 1.9km /24-min-walk
• From Ohmicho Market: 1.0km /12-min-walk
• From Kenrokuen Garden: 1.1km /14-min-walk
• From Nagamachi Bukeyashiki: 2.3km /28-min-walk

1-14-8, Higashiyama, Kanazawa, Ishikawa